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Transferring Cadet Units


918 Griffon

Transfer Process – Steps:


1. Speak to your existing unit (losing unit). They likely have local processes and will likely want to speak with you about your decision. Perhaps the reasons for a transfer can be addressed without a move.


2. Speak to 918 Squadron (gaining unit). It is helpful and courteous to know a cadet is thinking of transferring over. Questions and concerns can be addressed before action is taken.


…if a transfer is still desired:


3. Losing unit must release the cadet in Fortress (online cadet database system).


4. 918 Squadron will accept the transferred cadet in Fortress. Cadet will cease parading with the losing unit and begin parading with 918 Sqn. Physical paper personnel file will be transferred between the two units, arranged by officers on each side.


5. Air Cadets transferring squadrons typically keep their uniform, and report to supply for a new set of shoulder flashes. Supply Officers will normally send a uniform back to the losing unit, to ensure no loss of stock. Cadets from other elements will typically return their uniforms to the losing unit and be sized and issued a new elemental uniform with the gaining unit.



Frequently Asked Questions (for transferring units)


Q. Can I transfer between air cadet squadrons, across Canada?

A. Yes.


Q. Can I transfer between elements (ex: Army Cadet to Air Cadet) across Canada?

A. Yes.


Q. Can I keep my rank if I transfer from unit to another, even if it’s across elements?

A. Yes. You will normally be granted the equivalent rank in your new element.


Q. I finished two years of training with a different element. Do I need to re-start all the training again from the beginning with air cadets?

A. No. Much of the core curriculum is the same (leadership, instruction, drill, etc.). There will be elemental differences that we will try to mitigate, depending on what level of training you are transferring into, and your existing personal knowledge base.


Q. If I transfer across elements, will I be eligible for air cadet summer training courses? Especially scholarship and national level courses like International Air Cadet Exchange and Flying Scholarships?

A. Not immediately, but generally, yes. Cadets transferring from other elements must meet the same requirements as any other air cadet for air cadet summer training. When cadets transfer from Army or Sea cadets, some qualifications are immediately transferable (like your current rank). Others, like your training level / qualification, are not. You will be enrolled into your equivalent training level within the air cadet program, but you will not have completed an air cadet Proficiency Level Qualification until the end of the year. So, if a particular training course has a minimum qualification of Proficiency Level Three, and you are currently training in Proficiency Level Three (equivalent of Silver Star or Phase Three), then by the end of the year most cadets will have passed (attained that qualification) and thus met the requirement. 


Q. I was awarded a long service medal from my old element. Can I wear it with my new air cadet uniform?

A. Yes.


Q. I attained various qualifications from my old element that are represented by badges on my old uniform. Can I wear them on my new air cadet uniform?

A. Maybe. It depends on the qualification. Some are the same or directly equivalent (ex: Emergency or Standard First Aid), and those would normally be permitted. Some qualifications are unique to their element, and may not be wearable on the air cadet uniform. The qualification remains on your pers file, but some elemental specific items may not transfer and be visibly recognized on the uniform. 


Q. Will time served in a different element of the cadet program count towards the new element?

A. Mostly, yes. For things like promotions, your previous time served will count regardless of element. For some specific items, like a long service medal, only time served in your new element would count.


Q. Is it difficult to adapt to a new Squadron?

A. It can be. While much of the core cadet curriculum is the same, each unit has it’s own flavor and approach. Moreover, there are friendships and familiarity that develop over time, and change can be difficult. New units can frequently offer new challenges and opportunities, which come with their own unique pressure. It is certainly not impossible, but it is not always effortless.


Q. Why should I transfer units?

A. Cadets transfer for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s necessity – a move across town or across the country means they need to find a new cadet unit to call home. Other times it’s about friends they’ve made or leaders they’ve gotten to know and wish to work with. Other times it’s about experiencing a new or different challenge and opportunity offered at a new unit that isn’t available at the old. the reasons to do so are often unique and personal to the cadet, and is not often an easy decision.

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